Major Service Includes: 

Diagnostics of Computer and Electronic Components > New spark plugs, points & condenser > New fuel filter > New air filter > New engine oil >
New oil filter > CO Test and set timing > Electrical check and report >Adjustment of hand brake > Testing of brakes & Replacment Pads > Battery check > Timing belt check > Car wash and Vacuum > Check Lights > Labour for all the services and repair thereof.

Additional issues diagnosed and reported to client and repaired as per clients requirement (invoiced separately)

INCLUDED : Free 62 Point Safety Check 



When it comes to safety, no part of your vehicle is more important than the brakes. They should be inspected at least once a year to determine the condition of the hydraulic system and operating hardware. While the entire braking system requires attention, the friction materials - the pads, shoes, rotors and drums - require constant attention because they wear down each time you apply your brakes.



Our car services put your car through a series of checks and tests. These checks and tests go way beyond Licencing requirements, which really only check to make sure your car is basically safe and road worthy. A car service probes deeper into a car's working parts and, if conducted regularly, will prolong the life of the car and it's parts, save you money, reduce the risk of breaking down and make your car a safer drive.



Proper steering alignment keeps you moving straight ahead, while a maintained suspension system keeps you from feeling any bumps along the way. Worn steering, suspension and drive line components lead to all sorts of problems. That's why we inspect your steering and suspension system with every alignment. By replacing worn parts you regain control and handling to return your vehicle to its optimal performance. Ensuring your wheels and suspension are regularly checked for issues offers you a safe and smooth ride at all times as well as improving tyre wear and ensuring optimal control of your vehicle, when you need it the most.