Our auto mechanics will test and look for obvious physical signs of mechanical problems aside from the reason your vehicle was booked in to All Star Auto. Many automotive problems, whether engine-related or problems involving other areas of a car, will present certain physical markers that something is wrong. All vehicles undergo a thorough visual inspection which can turn up important clues as to the source of many potential problems, wear and tear, leaks, abrasions are some of the signs of issues mechanically. These will then be highlighted to the client along with the severity of the issue and necessary action taken. 




Accurate electrical diagnosis is one of the most difficult challenges to be found when working on today’s automobiles, old and new. Considering the large number of systems that use electricity in order to operate, being able to quickly diagnose electrical problems can be a real asset. At All Star Auto we conduct a series of tests to diagnose anything from an engine control issue, an automatic ride height system issue , a power window issue to full electrical systems issues. Our process is: Verify the Complaint > Determine Related Symptoms >Analyze Our Observations > Isolate the Problem > Correct the Problem >Verify the Repair



Determining why an engine does not run properly is a skill that eludes many and can stymie the most professional mechanics. That's why at All Star Auto, we approach our tried and tested methodology when  isolating engine issues, ensuring the problem is rectified as cost effectively  as possible. Our approach is to  isolate issues based on seven main categories of performance issues: Rough idling, stalling, lack of power, pinging/detonation, excessive oil consumption, exhaust smoke and engine hesitation. By employing this methodology we get to the root cause of the issue as quickly and effectively as possible. 


Rough idle could mean : Miss-adjusted carburetor , vacuum leak, worn/miss-adjusted breaker points, coil polarity wrong, fouled spark plugs or HT cables

Lack of power could mean: Insufficient ignition advance, secondary butterfly on carburetor not opening, metering rods/power valve not functioning, restricted exhaust, starving for fuel

Pinging could mean: Excessive ignition lead, carbon-laden pistons and combustion chambers, lean mixture, high cylinder-head metal surface temperature/coolant, EGR (if equipped) not functioning, ignition timing scatter from worn distributor bushing

Hesitation could mean: Weak accelerator pump stroke, vacuum advance not functioning, idle mixture screws set wrong, vacuum leak, insufficient amount of base timing

Stalling could mean: Idle speed set too low, massive vacuum leak, idle circuit in carburetor blocked, EGR valve stuck open, choke tension (when cold

Oil smoke on start-up only: Worn valve guides/seals

Excessive oil consumption: Wrong oil viscosity, head gasket, oil diluted with gasoline, worn oil ring on piston, excessive cylinder bore wear/glaze, short trips/numerous cold starts

Diagnosing a problem takes thought, practical knowledge and patience. Thats why at All Star Auto we spend valuable time analyzing the situation with effective diagnostics that will result in correct repair.



An automotive clutch normally provides dependable service for thousands of miles. However, stop and go JHB traffic and those trips to the local PnP will wear out a clutch quicker than highway driving. Every time a clutch is engaged, the clutch disc and other components are subjected to considerable heat, friction, and wear. Operator abuse commonly causes majority of premature clutch troubles. For instance, "riding the clutch". There are five types of clutch problems- slipping, grabbing, dragging, abnormal noises, and vibration. It is important to know the symptoms produced by these problems to action the necessary solution and repair. At All Star Auto we employ this symptomatic isolation approach.



Your brakes are probably the most important part of your car. If your car is having a braking problem, whether it's weak brakes, a soft pedal, grinding sounds - whatever your brake problem is, you need to repair it as soon as possible. All Star Auto will diagnose your braking problem so you know what repairs are necessary. Brakes are a life saver.